Simon Wadsworth

Master of Science | Computer Scientist


I am the Director of Engineering at Virscient Limited in Hamilton, New Zealand. I have worked on several projects, including the development of Virscient's Linux Driver for CSR6030 WLAN chipsets, and development, implementation and maintenance of several components of ubiquios.

In 2013 I completed my Master of Science with Honours, with a thesis titled 'Security Analysis of the Evolved Packet Core for LTE Networks', looking into security requirements of cellular core networks purpose built for LTE based cellular communications.



Master of Science (with Honours)
The University of Waikato

APRIL 2014

Bachelor of Science
The University of Waikato



Director of Engineering
Virscient Limited.

Focussed on innovative wireless solutions for customers and Virscient internal projects. Responsbile for technical direction and execution across the entire engineering team.


Principal Consultant
Virscient Limited.

Mostly focussed on innovative wireless solutions for customers where I regularly act as technical lead. I lead projects including development of software and Wi-Fi subsystem for an inflight entertainment systems, maintenance of customers existing Wi-Fi products, and numerous other technologies including Bluetooth and LoRa/LoRaWAN proof of concepts. I have in the past also spent time contributing to the development of ubiquiOS, in particular the SoftMAC and WLAN architecture.


Virscient Limited.

Originally focussed on ubiquiOS, particularly on the networking components, including HTTP client support, TLS client certificate validation, and TLS server. I was heavily involved in the development of Vircient's Linux Platform for CSR UniFi® CSR6000 chips. I have also worked on server software built in Java Enterprise for Internet of Things applications, and also consulting work for numerous clients.

APRIL 2013 - AUGUST 2016






Network Protocols

Wireless Connectivity
802.11 ⋅ Wi-Fi Direct

Kernel ⋅ Drivers

Linear Algebra


OSPF Monitor

Network monitoring is important because when things go wrong, network administrators need to react and attempt to fix the problem. Current network monitoring and management tools typically do not make use of routing information in a network. By using the routing information flowing through a network a complete topology map can be developed. The project aims to develop a tool to monitor a routing protocol on a network, and uses this new source of network status data to provide updates when the topology of a network changes.


Security Analysis of the Evolved Packet Core for LTE Networks

Originally cellular networks handled calls and short messages only. Today, this has been extended to handle packet data services. However now the world is moving towards an entirely IP based mobile service based on LTE and the Evolved Packet Core. Security becomes even more important than before. Cellular networks will be using the same technology that runs the Internet, which could leave them open to a range of threats from the air interface side of the network, especially with the popularity of smart phones and USB "Mobile Broadband" modems. This thesis investigated the possibility of attacks against the core of these networks.


NZ Radio Stations

An Android application that provides easy access to New Zealand Radio station frequencies.

This app provides an easy way to find AM and FM radio stations in an area. Currently only 8 areas are supported (Auckland, Christchurch, Northland, Rotorua, Taranaki, Taupo, Waikato and Wellington).

Makes use of Google App Engine as the backend datastore, to allow easy updating of radio stations, while using the power of the Google Cloud. The backend is developed in Python, one of three languages used in Google App Engine.

I'd love to continue working on this, but I simply don't have the time anymore

android application

Slingshot Broadband Usage

An Android application that allows users to easily view and see the current status of their Slingshot Broadband Account.

I completely rewrote this application to fit more inline with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich design style, and to enable improve scaling to bigger screen sizes.

No longer actively maintained. Source code released on GitHub.

android application


contact at simonwadsworth dot geek dot nz

Hamilton, Waikato
New Zealand


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